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Walnut Creek Truck Accident Lawyers

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Trucking accidents often result in life-changing injuries or the death of one or more persons involved. The people in the smaller vehicle will be at the greatest risk of harm in these collisions, even in relatively low-speed accidents that may have resulted in only minor injury if the vehicles had been of a similar size.

The driver of a large truck may walk away without a scratch in a trucking accident while the driver of a passenger car or a motorcyclist may leave in an ambulance, especially in underride accidents and jackknife and rollover accidents.

Proving Liability for a Trucking Accident

Proving the fault of the other driver in a truck accident claim is one of the most important parts of the representation our law firm offers. To achieve this, we may work with specialists in accident reconstruction and forensic experts, interview witnesses, review police reports, and listen to your own account of the accident.

Consulting with an experienced Walnut Creek injury lawyer at Clancy & Diaz, LLP is an important step to take after a truck accident. You can get in touch with our team through a free case evaluation or by calling (510) 251-8868!

Helping Truck Crash Victims Fight for Justice

You may have been seriously injured and may now be in a situation where you need to deal with an insurance claim, medical expenses and legal issues related to the accident. A Walnut Creek truck accident attorney can help you with every single aspect of your claim or lawsuit in order to help you seek the highest amount of financial compensation for your injuries - all while you focus on recovering and spending time with loved ones.

At Clancy & Diaz, LLP we are committed to providing our clients with the compassionate customer service they need while aggressively representing their best interests and financial needs in their personal injury claims. Contact a Walnut Creek truck accident lawyer at our firm today - call us at (510) 251-8868!